Hughes Wheels Worldwide cast iron, pressed steel, nylon, polyurethane, rubber, pneumatic wheels and tyres Hooded twin wheel castors
Rubber, PVC and Eva Tyres on Polypropylene and nylon hubs
Double ball bearing, tapered roller bearing heavy duty fabricated castors
scaffolding castors

manufacturers and suppliers of wheels tyres and castors in plastic, steel and cast iron

Wheels and Castors to carry loads from 15 kilos to 12 Tonnes and just about everything in between in plastic, steel and cast iron.

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We are a UK based volume manufacturer and supply wheels to many OE brands
We can now offer wheels previously supplied by us exclusively to Guitel UK Ltd

VicTree - The Wheelmaker nylon, polyurethane, polypropelyne, pvc, rubber extruded and crumb, eva wheels and tyres Extra heavy duty fabricated castors jacking castors
golf and fishing trolley wheels sandhopper and pneumatic used on land and sand yachts
heavy duty pressed steel castors
medium to light duty pressed steel castors

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 This site has been designed to offer the greatest variation of wheels and castors for all types of use. This includes supermarket shopping carts, baby buggies and strollers, golf carts, health care requirements such as wheelchairs and rollators, roll cages, scaffolding towers, office furniture, airport baggage containers, milk dollies, barrows, boat launchers, windsurfers, high speed towing, post office trolleys, high temperature environments such as bakery dollies and equipment for ceramic manufacture, concrete mixers, lawn mowers, barbecue trolleys, freight containers up to 12 tonnes, waste containers, jacking castors for moving aeroplanes and fuselages, cargo dollies, cleaning equipment, photocopiers, fairground and carnival rides and the list goes on. If you have read this far then by now you know that we really do have an extremely varied range of wheels and castors. Please search our site and tell us your requirements.


Last updated 2009.